Flavor and health in every choice.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are planted. We select those that guarantee the exclusive delivery of benefits to the health of our consumers. Thus, we wisely combine proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibres, colours and flavours from vegetable sources, as well as vitamins and minerals that conquer the most demanding palate and offer complete nutrition.

Our proteins

Soy + Pea + Chickpea

Through the diversified source of NON-GMO proteins, our products can supply essential amino acids for the human body to remain in optimal functioning. Besides, the texture obtained by the Verdali process, together with the combination of these proteins facilitates the reduction of animal meat consumption.

Our fats

Sunflower oil

The juiciness of our products does not depend on fat. With the only intention of perfecting the taste of our products, we opted for the use of sunflower oil as it has potent medicinal properties since it is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as vitamin E.

Our fiber and carbohydrates

Bamboo fiber + methylcellulose

As our goal is to offer light and healthy products that provide wellness, we add dietary fibres that contribute to the digestion process. Also, methylcellulose (derived from vegetable fibre) helps to join the ingredients and create a unique structure that allows the diversity of textures in a plant-based meal.

Our colors and flavors

Beetroot + ginger + other spices

We do not handle artificial ingredients. Our combination of colours and natural flavours provides a unique and healthy gastronomic experience. While beet colours food and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the blend of ginger and other spices offers extraordinary flavour, as well as numerous functional properties.

Our minerals

Calcium + iron + salt

In addition to their nutritional functions necessary for the human body, these minerals refine the flavour of Verdali products and conquer the most demanding palate.

Our vitamins

Vitamin B12 + Vitamin C

All Verdali products are supplemented with vitamins B12 and C since we recognize their crucial functionalities in the body. Vitamin B12 is mostly ingested through the consumption of animal meat. For this reason, adherents to the plant-based diet may suffer from its deficiency, which impairs the performance of the nervous system. Besides, vitamin C strengthens our defense system and maintains the characteristics and functional properties of food for longer.