We are creators of plant-based proteins

About US

We are creators of plant-based proteins. We came about as a consequence of a grand ambition: to transform the way we relate to food by making this industry more sustainable and improving the health of all. With total transparency at each stage of our production chain, we managed to combine the unique properties of plants and the purity of natural ingredients with the most innovative technology. The result? Tasty and healthy products. A new option for your day-to-day.

Our Manifesto

Here, we believe that there is a better way to take care of our health and the world, without giving up the most delicious pleasures of each meal. A manner of eating what is delicious, forgetting any restrictions or impediments. The plant-based way of living.

Here, we researched for years a new way to offer the protein we need, with natural, sustainable and, above all, national ingredients. An alternative protein of quality, capable of maintaining all the juiciness, colour and texture that we like in our dishes.

Here, we only handle ingredients that are grown to provide the best nutrients from plants. We discovered the fantastic recipe that looks like the meat you know. We found an unprecedented flavourful option you’ve always waited for.

Our mission

To improve your wellness

Our goal is to improve your wellness through food. It is about helping our customers get the most out of life, with health and pleasure. We develop products with the objective of offering all the nutrients that the human body needs to keep itself in balance. We choose and handle ingredients exclusively produced in the national territory and marketed ethically. We work with the latest technology that preserves all nutritional properties and allows for high-scale production. In addition, we do all this in a sustainable way, so that we can evolve and conserve the planet for future generations.


Our Code of Business Conduct commits us to manage our activities with honesty, integrity and transparency. These are the values ​that guide our behaviour​ and all our operations:

  • Quality above anything.
  • Commitment to innovation.
  • Responsibility at work.
  • Transparency in relations.
  • Mutual development in long-lasting partnerships.
  • Think and act sustainably.

Differentiated products and new categories

We are hungry for prominence and innovation. We use our expertise in product development to be of the highest nutritional quality and indulgence in any category. We meet the needs of the modern consumer with healthy and convenient products for conscious lifestyles and time constraints.

High-quality ingredients

We value the quality of everything we do, directly to the point. We use natural ingredients in their purest state to achieve a unique flavour that will conquer any palate.

A company where everyone wants to collaborate

We value the authenticity of innovative ideas and the human relationships we cultivate around us. Together, we blend the diversity of the team to create an environment in which everyone can feel who they are.

Good companions

We take responsibility for being good neighbours and members of any community. We believe that we can be a powerful force to carry out positive actions.

Willing to talk

We are passionate about engaging with our consumers. Our team is always ready to speak and understand what is desired, putting everything into practice to offer the healthiest. Everything is about human connection. We connect, listen to each other and together we create the best meals.