People and families

We are not going to change the whole world, but we are going to change the world of the people we can reach. Since humanity is experiencing unacceptable food problems, such as malnutrition and at the same time obesity, we are committed to developing products that follow the most consolidated and innovative nutritional recommendations. We strive to make our portfolio even more extensive, healthier, and more pleasurable. We continually research and apply nutrition knowledge. So, we want to share them to inspire people to understand the importance of adapting food to health. We are willing to help, and together we will be the protagonists of food transformation.

Our strategy, which directly supports several UN Sustainable Development Goals, aims to:

Offer tastier and healthier food

  • Zero hungerODS02
  • Good health and well-beingODS03
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructureODS09
  • Responsible consumption and productionODS12
We will always bring new options for your day-to-day

With the help of our team, we frequently evaluate and identify trends in the food industry and improve our nutrition knowledge. This way, we are able to continually offer new healthy options for you to bring to the table.

We will improve our recipes by improving the taste and nutritional power

We are committed to following the highest standards of nutrition and offering the flavour that conquers the most demanding palate. We recognize the maleficence caused by excess ingredients such as salt, sugar and fats for the human body, and therefore, we will decrease the amount of such as we improve our recipes.

Our ingredients lists will always be transparent and simple to understand

We realize that, increasingly, people want to know if the food they consume were made from nutritious ingredients and suit a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we will meet any expectations being explicit and understandable, since we are committed to clearly express what ingredients our products contain and what they are for in the packaging, as well as being available to answer any doubts and accept constructive suggestions.

Verdali products will always be recommended for everyone

Our products will always be recommended for all ages since we only deal with natural ingredients. We promise to offer nutritional quality products, which is why:

  • We will continually enrich our products with essential nutrients for the maintenance of organisms deficient in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12;
  • We will never handle ingredients that contain gluten;
  • We will never add artificial colours and chemical additives

Inspire people to adopt a healthier lifestyle

  • Good health and well-beingODS03
  • Responsible consumption and productionODS12
  • Climate actionODS13
  • Life below waterODS14
  • Partnerships for the goalsODS17
We will promote campaigns through our influence in the community

As our influence grows, we will promote campaigns that aim to change eating habits. Videos, images, and audios will be made available and will teach how to cook and prepare any food more healthily, in a kitchen where no excess fats, salt and sugars are used. Also, we will then launch routine plans and challenges, for example, physical exercises, fruit, and water consumption.

We will execute our partnership project to add and spread nutrition knowledge

Through partnerships with nutritionists and doctors, we will share all our intellectual knowledge about nutrition and its relationship with health. Our goal is to educate and make people realize how beneficial a balanced diet is for maintaining the human body.